Perfect setup for extracting the flavors you love predictably



I am not a shill, but a fellow coffee traveler that has struggled for years to find how to get those fruity or chocolate flavors to come through consistently in my beans. I’ve finally found the setup that helps me do this.

  1. Ikawa pro - this is key to get the exact bean to the exact roast you want
  2. Sweet Maria’s green coffee to source from specific regions/farmers
  3. Decent Espresso DE1+ Espresso maker - this is key as it allows for pressure/temp/flow profiling unlike that ever seen on another coffee maker.
  4. A good grinder - I use the Mazzer mini.

This marriage is made in heaven, if you enjoy Ikawa because of the control it gives you, you must also consider the DE1+ to marry to it for the same reason.

Again, I do not work for them or get compensated in any way to say this, I’m just madly in love with these two products working together.


Great setup man - hope to have DE1+ once too … :smiley:


Thank you, I really can’t speak highly enough of it, I do the same over there about the Ikawa. They are truly a match made in heaven. How can you have more control than the two together???


Yes definitely the DE1+

But I was bit afraid to be an early adopter - so I am waiting for the 2nd round.

Be interested to hear anything you want to share about the DE1+


There have been minor issues as to be expected by such an early stage project, but really nothing major. the owner, John, is an excellent engineer/designer and really does a thorough job in thinking about and solving issues. He’s about to open up orders again for another 500 units. I’d suggest considering being early to that round because beyond the 1.1 changes he’s making for that round, the improvements on a hardware level will be pretty marginal and the wait times will be long.

I’m consistently getting extremely flavorful shots as-is, so I’m not even sure what more improvements will really do from a flavor perspective.


I have been following progress on the various blogs and facebook. And I also met John (and Scot) and talked to them for few minutes when they presented the machine here in Budapest.

Interesting that they are about to open it up again for 500 machines soon. I will have to make sure to jump on it…


Good luck and please let me know your thoughts if/when you receive it!


Looks beautiful, I love how the Ethiopia DP’s come out from my Ikawa. What was your reason for getting the Pro?


was available with a shorter wait time lol


That’s cool, with more people with the pro version, it’ll be cool to see the crossover of profiles :slight_smile:


@george.aris I also have the Ikawa Pro. So in the future we can perhaps share profiles.

But it is very early days for me - so I don’t have any profiles worth sharing (yet).


I am happy to share, they are not overly original though, I must confess. I’ve modified the profiles I found online through Ikawa.


I have started with those and begun to modify.

But at present I am issues with grinder and/or espresso machine. So I am not able to make decent coffee. So I cannot evaluate my roasting very well…

Once I get that sorted I will get back…


There is another place to go to - - has been roasting their offerings with Ikawa Pro and sharing their profiles (and tips). I’ve found it useful already.


Jealous of that set up! I was a backer of the ZPM machines way back when. I believe the Decent came from the remainder of that company. I’m hoping we can get one in the office here to play with


yes, they came out of ZPM, which in retrospect was in way over its head on the ambition of this project. John, somehow, has been able to pull it off. I certainly couldn’t have. Definitely get one for the office as your two companies are made for each other and there have to be plenty of co-marketing opportunities in things like WEC etc.


Thanks for the info!


The DE1 PRO is splendid, I’ve not been able to use with the Ikawa yet as my Niche Grinder was still in progress - however it has now been shipped so I hope to get the magical triad of kit together very soon. However initial results with coffee ground for me have been superb, so I’m licking my lips already. Bank Manager not so happy though.