Peru Gonzilla Estate Espresso



Peru Gonzilla Estate Espresso Recipe

Roasting Notes: Works well across most of the roasting spectrum.

Tasting Notes: A beautifully creamy grade one bean from the Gonzilla Estate in Peru. The cooler high climates encourage slower maturity and more flavour. This mild, spicy and fruity coffee is well balanced and has a clean finish.

Origin: Peru

Estate: Gonzilla Estate

Varieties: Typica

Grade: G1

Certification: FT

Processing: Wet Processed


I found the series of coffees posted by Cliff, with descriptions worded exactly as in his tweets, on
I ordered four or the espresso choices in 50g sample packets. They arrived today and I look forward to trying out the profiles given here. I’ll do so, give them a week to rest, pull them as espresso and report back.


I do indeed get many of my beans from Terry at On The Grind. I have found his prices are keen and his service is great. The words are “mostly” rather than exactly then same :slight_smile: - with some typos and minor changes.

I look forwards to your feedback on my roasts and suggested improved versions. I tend to go through 8 trial roasts before settling on my favourite. My method is to start with the closest recipe for the type of bean described, and see how that works, then vary based upon the point of first crack, and the final colour. Then rest for a week, and sample. Then I take the best of the first four variants, and try small incremental changes and see if I can improve. When you only buy 50g samples … you’d better hope I know my stuff as you’ll only get one crack at each bean :slight_smile:

For the record, I have no affiliation with OnTheGrind … they are just convenient for me, the quality is good, and the price point is keen at about £10-15 a kilo depending on the bean. Terry often has discounts.

I see you are planning to rest the beans for a week before drinking. This is highly advised. I was really disappointed when I first drank freshly roasted coffee. I reluctantly waited a week and the transformation is amazing. Sometimes two weeks is required. However, in my house, that never happens.