Points between points


I’m happy to say that I now need the greatest possible level of precision to make the tiny changes I require. Something I’ve always wondered about now seems genuinely relevant: there are about 3 noticeable movement points WITHIN each degree Fahrenheit and each fan speed number. Are these real changes to the temperature and fan that amount to less than a whole degree/percentage point!? In other words are there three discrete temperature changes possible all while the app still reads, say, 465 degrees?


In the UK /EU and presumably almost everywhere outside the US, the app reads in degrees Celsius rather than the more precise Fahrenheit. Given it is the same machine one wonders which precision it is really working to.

A profile that I am experimenting with has a very low rate of decline ( just off horizontal) with a slowly declining fan speed and it is noticeable that the Celsius figure displayed by the app can fluctuate both up and down by 1 degree C at any point when i’d expect to only see decline. So I guess the actual temperature could be +/- 1C relative to the display.


Yea I’ve noticed a +/- 1 degree, if the ROR is flat, I don’t think the bean temp dips then but I don’t think coffee (bean temp ROR) likes to stall and that’s echoed as a general rule of thumb that also applies to air roasting. That is really the reason for most profiles I like to keep the fan flat or decreasing. I’ve been meaning to update on the Fan Speed thread but I don’t feel comfortable posting on it just yet.

Just a thought, by doing multiple batches of the same profile and drop time can help create a contrast of profile vs bean.


Haha, on point, guys! Unfortunately I was not and posted this in the wrong category with some poor word choices. Reposted in the IKAWA roaster section with the question I meant to ask.