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Wondering whether it’s possible that when someone clicks on the URL of a shared profile and isn’t on a device that has the app it could display a version of it on a web page? Although I have the app on my phone I prefer to browse on here with my laptop and can’t view the profile (and to be honest am usually not bothered enough to switch over to my phone to view it!).

Is that something which could be implemented?


Ditto! Taking it a step farther, I would love it if we could drive the roaster from our laptops rather than phone or pad.


Android emulator for PC like bluestacks makes it possible.
But, you have to install ikawa app and use the browser on the emulator.


Be nice if we could see the graph rather than the URL. Maybe then click the graph if you want to put it on a device with the app?
With Android I can’t see how to upload the graph? Does this only work for the apple version?


Hey guys, good feedback, thank you. This forum is great for many reasons and one is that we are getting a good sense of where users would like improvements and how we can make the product better for you.

At this time it’s not possible but we have included it on the list to discuss as app updates roll out. From what I understand, building out the app was very complex and so a quick fix it isn’t and it would be a more medium term update if it gets included.

What I’ll suggest in the meantime is sharing a profile along with a screen capture. Here’s a profile I’ve been playing with - a City + roast for Central American coffees:


I’m a bit of an technophobe. Can anyone please explain simply how to upload a graph and an URL link from an Android phone?
The app allows me to share the URL with contacts or via email or to a Google drive but it won’t let me upload it in discourse as it is the wrong file type. Similarly, I 've no clue how to get a screenshot via the app on my phone and then how to get it on here.


Hey Stephen,

On an Android I believe you can screenshot by pressing the home button and lock button at the same time.
To share a profile on Discourse, press the share button and then “Copy To Clipboard”. You can then Paste the link into here. Hope that helps!!


Thanks Geoff. I did copy to clipboard but couldn’t see a paste button in Discourse. But just discovered if I hold on the edit box “paste” appears and I can add the URL.
Now to see if I can get a screenshot…


Ok. Now I can get a screenshot by pressing volume and power button simultaneously. Then save to google photos and upload. Saving to mydrive would not allow me to upload due to wrong file type.

So here hopefully is an example of my latest roast of the Ikawa Guat. Very tasty.
Edit: stopped at 7.30. would drop the fan speed slightly at very end as a couple of beans popped out. Tastewise it seems sweeter than Ikawa profile and accentuates the tea notes. Still get all the tasting notes. Lovely coffee this one.

‘Guat #2’ freshly roasted by @ikawacoffee, here’s the recipe #IKAWAHOME -


Well done, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the tutorial!
Maybe you could move this post or copy it to the Guat thread where it might be more relevant?