Profiles for Colombia Tolima


Hi guys,

I am new to Ikawa and have been able to get my hands on some green coffee from Tolima in Colombia (elevation 1950 metres).

I wonder if anybody has any Ikawa profiles they could send me to try out?

I find the Ikawa filter recipes too light for my taste; I am not a fan of fruity coffees with high acidity. I prefer medium+ roasts with chocolatey, nutty notes.

In terms of how I brew, I do both filter and espresso.

Thanks so much!


I don’t really have anything to add, I haven’t had any good runs with the Columbians that I’ve had. Maybe in my next round I’ll get 5-10lbs and try and find a nice comfort-coffee like profile like what you are looking for. Though if you find anything interesting please post it! Cheers