Proof that Aliens Exist


If anybody looked at Micheal Sivetz’s book, there was a graph that was geometrically beautiful yet I had no idea what it was. It looked very close to this:

Credit: Mollier Diagram,
To me I can stare at this thing like a moth into light. To me there is something of a cosmic awe to this graph I have yet to grasp. Hindus believe in the wonder of Om, essentially a circle but also a sound that resonates through all life. Does that also include time and space? I would hope so and believe it does. I believe everything is connected in some way or another. To put it simply , it is the Kevin Bacon Law. Now what I am getting at is what does the x=1 on graph look like as a profile? How would it taste? I (of course) ran out of beans roughly 4 days ago, anybody want to give this a try? And more importantly is there anybody willing to try an calculate out an actual x=1 profile? Here is my attempt.

@Geoff_IKAWA, requesting an addition for a tag “Profiles”, please :blush: