Puerta Verde, Guatemala



The name of the farm — meaning Green Gate — is defined from its unique position in the Panchoy Valley, and is blessed with volcanic soil, plentiful water and some of the best coffee grown in the area.

A relatively high-grown traditional varietal coffee - it’s a classic. Very traditional coffee flavours in this cup.


I’ve been enjoying this one over the last few days. Sweet toffee apple, very pleasing (stock profile).


Glat to hear you’re enjoying it @stephen.pickering21 - we spent ages working on this roast recipe!


I’m sure you did. Almost an “S” shaped profile. What was the thinking behind it?


Just roasted a Guat from Patzun, the Estate is Las Camelias, my guess is that it means The Lady Camels. My spanish is a little rusty :slight_smile: I used the Puerta Verde Profile, my beans are also fairly high grown, wet processed consisting of the three main beans we all know, Caturra, Bourbon and Typica. So far the test trail (with no adjustments) came out well, very nutty, hints of apricot (during the cooling phase!!!) sweet.

To be continued…

Continued… (Feb. 9. 2018)

Comparing this profile to a variation on my A profile (overdeveloped), this kept a lot of acidity(too much), juice like texture but I do not think it got enough Dry or Millard, beans also look rough, uneven color. Maybe the finishing temp was a little hot (1C: 476F @8:50, drop: 10:39 A profile, 1C:486F @ 5:44, drop 6:55 Puerta Verde). I think both profiles went too long after 1C, I’m going to try shorten A by There isn’t much clarity in the cup except a very distinct caramel aftertaste. Great mouth feel and body, but I feel like I lost all the origin flavors. This coffee has rested for 2 days and went for 1:11 past start of first crack. I let it go that long because I did not smell any aroma during the development time, so my guess is that for this bean I am finishing it the wrong temp window. Brewing this through an aeropress, with my unusual dosage of 25g in 120mL.


:smiley: nooope (you really made me lought with this one Deven :smiley: ) :smiley: its most probably Camelias as flowers, not as camels :smiley:


Otherwise my spanish is also rusty, quite a lot actually (did not use it for a good 22 years I would say :smiley: )