Quite a few pale beans after a roast



Im relatively new to the Ikawa and coffee roasting in general. Is it common that you get some very pale/light roasted beans in the Ikawa Home? I roasted 5 batches of the Shakiso natural sidamon, guji from Ethiopia yesterday and I´d say it was at least 10-20 beans I had to throw away due to very light roast degree.
I did split some of the beans and they were the same light color throughout.
I used the Ikawa recommended profile.


Hello and welcome! Those are called “quakers” some may be partial quakers but when roasting light, normal beans can be mistaken as quakers. My suggestion is don’t throw anything out just yet. Make a cup, see how it tastes. I put several profiles up here you can search for “Marshal Etheo”, “immediate use” and “x=1” in the Proof that Aliens Exist thread. If you search Jboutte’s name he has made several profiles as well, all these should get you in the general ballpark of flavor country. Explore, read and enjoy!

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Thanks for the welcome!

I don´t believe they are suppose to be this light so I guess they are “quakers”. I´m just surprised at the amount. Perhaps a bad sample of green beans? Other beans I roast from Ikawa seems just fine. The roast isn´t really that light either.

Yesterday I roasted their new Yirgacheffe and I´ll give it a go tomorrow in the aeropress! I really hope it will taste like described with high notes, flowery and juicy! Yirgacheffe and Geishas are without a doubt my favourites when it comes to drip coffee/inverted aeropress!


This defect is relatively common in natural processed coffee. When wet processing they will typically float and are easier to identify and remove during the sorting process.
They are visually harder to spot, so it is easier to remove them after roasting, and I suggest you do, as they will normally not contribute positively to the experience in the cup.

With that said; I encourage curiosity, so keep them and try to make a cup out of these beans to see what they taste like :smiley: