Recent Buy from Sweet Maria's


Just purchased a couple beans from SM if anybody is interested.




Looks very nice … really interested what you can get out of papua … my experiece with one or two papuas was great, really loved it.


Interested to hear how you get on and which profile works best?


I’m excited to try some new profiles since my first Ethiopian DP was from Sidamo this will be a really informative comparison. @cooley wrote about some success with a Rwandan he had so I’ll give that one a go. @pavel, if you can list a profile for those PNG’s you like that would be very helpful. The only one I’ve roasted myself was in a mini oven…:confused:


Any advice on Papua New Guinea profile?


I’m getting the beans in tomorrow if the gods will it so. I have no idea where to start really, Usually once I get the seed I measure the density, look at other profiles posted on the internet, check out the roast suggestion on the package and then plot a profile. Something I’ve been thinking about is bean size in relation to density and it’s relation when looking at the total length of time and end temp. Also generally that beans are distinguished by terroir but ultimately they are of a generally similar composition. And so, they may require different roasting profiles which, to me, look very minor but to a pro roaster may look like a mountain.


I have no clues about Papua, I only had some PNGs allready roasted. But it was really pleasant experience, though a different tastes than what I usually like like fruity and floral.


I am one that is on the fruity and floral bandwagon. This PNG was noted to have an indistinct tropical fruit note so that will be interesting to find. I only have 1lb of it so I’m thinking of doing a 50g batch until I can see where it’s going. But unlike my last batch where I had a series of tests going, trying to taste different aspects and such. It was all very time consuming, so for this batch I’m only going to be roasting for the next day’s use. With the Brazilian Sitio and the Columbian El Hato I’ve found that going a little dark but resting for just day produced some really great cups. Much better than the same day or after the 3rd day. I have also noticed that the “right” amount of rest days is not very easy to pinpoint, but I have been trying to link it to a profile style. How’s the roasting videos coming along? Are you making any more? Have you found a way to measure temperature yet :star_struck:?


Well … I have not been roasting too much lately (mostly due to very interesting roasted coffees that I just had to try … and drink …) The videos of colour changes work well, but I have to make a fixture to solve some issues (like overheating the camera when too close and using highest power on the led) and also standardize some colour calibration etc. Need to have quite some time for that, and when I am done I will be back with the videos … or rather the plots. The videos take long to get out so maybe only the colour plots will be do. Temperature measuring … yeah … not really. What I really want is to have the top glass made of that AlON so that I can use thermal camera along with the regular one. But that will be quite a project :smiley:


Also, I have a test of hand grinders ahead, one grinder arrives today and Hiku should be arriving next month. So I have to start making preparations for that - quite a lot of grinders to test and compare :smiley: (and I plan to test also some shop grinders like mazzer mini to have a reference points for those handgrinders) … ahhh … those plans :smiley:


I tried drinking down all my “old” coffee before I roasted the new stuff that came in. But today I just couldn’t help it. Sure the Brazilian is aging with strong hazelnut and chocolate undertones with a staying power that leaves one revering in the delight. But I’m bored and plus, who can drink coffee that’s 10 days old…bleh…So I roasted a batch each of the Ethiopians and drank the Sidamo, I couldn’t let it rest a day I wanted to see if the profile I made previously for a Sidamo would work and if it would work on another Ethiopian. I have to say stopping between 8:10-8:20 might be the best option regardless if you hear a crack or not. Both beans were crazy fruity and juicy. I stopped the Sidamo at 8:30 and the Kochere at 8:16, the Sidamo is a little over roasted and I will stop sooner next time. I didn’t pick up any floral on the cup just now but I drank it really fast. It was very juicy. I used an aeropress (18g/115mL @198*F, time:1:00) and ground 5notches before the burrs would touch on a Hario.

I hope you guys enjoy cups as good as this one, here’s the profile:

On a side note, This was the original profile, I was somewhat lucky enough to have renamed it with a “1” and then I kindof forgot about it and found it hidden when going over other profiles. 1) the organization in the app is a nightmare, so it’s best to email your prized profiles for fear of loosing them forever. 2) be careful when saving, specifically overwriting profiles, make sure you have the original saved somewhere else.


I’m actually very tired of my hand grinder, especially because of all the underdeveloped coffee…GL


So I’ve been trying slight variations on the base profile I listed using the Kochere beans. Yesterday I used:

The cup today was less baked, more fruit…lots of berry. The intersting thing is that the first profile felt like baked out the berry and juicy texture of the mouthfeel was very thin. This one was much thicker and had the texture and feeling of drinking some honey water or raw sugar water. I used 20g in 107mL aeropress for roughly 1:30-2:00 (i forgot to set my timer).

Tonight I just roasted another batch moving the fan back even more.

The freshly roasted bean tastes even more fruited, tomorrow I’ll see how it comes in the cup.