Replacement roaster


I picked up an air popper to keep roasting while I wait for my ikawa to come back from the shop. Wow talk about stressful roasting. The difference between first crack and full oil French roast is like 45 seconds. I think I got 1 good roast so far lol, will taste it tomorrow, took about 3.5 minutes. Can’t wait to have my ikawa back though!


I don’t have the links to the thread but if you search through home-barista you can find the “how -to” on modding out the roaster with pid, thermocouples and temp controls so you can have lots more of control during the roast.


I wasn’t willing to try the below profile someone else posted because I was sure the 4 minutes would taste grassy to me. Honesty though I have been having some pretty outstanding results with this unmodified air popper, and those roasts are 3.5 minutes. I am drinking an Ethiopian natural I did yesterday and it is the best cup I have had from that bean. Excited to try this hot fast profile when my ikawa returns. It kind of mimics what an air popper does, but with out all the burning the shit out of your hands and melting patio tables and all that fun stuff that comes with the air popper lol. 39