Resting time coffee vs espresso



I unpacked my Ikawa yesterday and love already ita feel. Packaging was also greate and underlines that feeling. Roasted my first espresso badge (ethiopia ayehu farm amhara). Will do a second badge with coffee roast to compare. However I was wondering which rest time you five for coffee and espresso in average?


Everything is dependent on how you roast the beans because if you get super roasty beans for expresso, you’ll have to rest much longer 14days at least, and you’ll have to have some barista skills to pull that shot well, but probably around the 21-35day, can be shorter for sure. it just depends on how you roast. The drip brew can be great immediately or as long as 10-14 days or someone has said 4 weeks for light roasted. Your results depend on your roasting, brewing, etc.


I have had light roasted beans peaking almost 3 month post roast, but I tend to start drinking after 14 weeks and experiment from there if I have the patience.
For light-medium roasted espresso I usually start using it after a week or so, and leave it for longer if I think it will benefit from more resting.


Thanks, as I am a startet I used the Standrad profile for the coffees from The QR codes. I did not do any changes yet.
So a week and then test through?


About a week is fine


Please could you post the QR code’s of the Ayehu Farm, Ethiopia thank you