Roast Everyday or Batches?


I’ve always been roasting in batches, but lately with trying to figure out how to adjust and improve profiles. I’m going to start roasting daily for 4-6 days and that should be enough to allow the first batch to rest 10 days before it’s finished. Because I only drink about 2-3cups a day so if my first cup is a new roast then 1-2 cups shouldn’t be too much. Ideally I am trying to find successful profiles that are very flavorful in the 1-3day mark but hopeful that a less than optimal profile will turn out ok by day 10. Does anybody else roast for their daily consumption or do you batch?

P.S on a side note I’ve been honing in on how this roaster or beans have changed, with the last update. I am narrowing in on the theory that either or both the lower temp segments are lower energy or the fan is set 5% higher than before. I have roasted older beans that were frozen and they seem off, which is unusual. Not that I want to blame the machine…but that is where my conclusions are leading me to. Though I can be wrong.