Roast Recipe Shapes: The Spike



I’ve seen a few comments talking about the spike at the beginning of some of the roasts. It’s great to see the interest in the curves!

There are a couple theories on why this is beneficial or why it works but essentially the spike is a blast of hot air intended to increase the environmental temperature quickly. Remember, the IKAWA At Home roast recipes show the input temperature. After a short blast of really hot air, the input temperature comes back down to move the roast forward at a good pace.

Our curves are made by a variety of professional roasters who all came at this with varying approaches. Ultimately, the goal is a delicious cup of coffee. Some chose to “soak” the coffee, with a slower heat application while others chose to “spike” the input temp early. It seems like a denser coffee does benefit from that spike in temp early, but I don’t think we can say that’s the only factor we need to know to apply this shape to a coffee.

Anyway, please keep the questions coming, great to hear from you all.

New espresso roast profiles
What have I done wrong?

Thank you @Geoff_IKAWA … helps a bit. I read what you write such that it sort of replaces a possible longer period of applying lower heat, so - when reducing or removing the spike, some time of lower heat has to be added. is that right?


I think that’s right. Imagine it as a short amount of time at high heat to help the coffee bean temperature “turn” quickly. It gets the roast moving quickly