Roaster Exhaust System


Personally I have wanted to have an exhaust on my system for a while. Firstly, because I have sensitive lungs and I swam for a long time, so I have big sensitive lungs. I know, poor me. Secondly, I found that a somewhat shoddy solution of buying an A/C exhaust tube (aluminum accordion tube 4") and by wedging it in my window and placing the other end over the roaster exhaust leads to two crucial things. 1) noise reduction 2) heat/particulate reduction. My lungs do not hear, but those particulates do weigh heavy on me when I go for my daily runs. So I prefer either to roast outside but the best solution is the exhaust tube.

I am posting this to inform but to also seeking suggestions. The 4" tube does not make a proper seal and I am wondering if anyone knows of a silicon or steel (food safe) attachment that connects the roaster exhaust to the vent tube. I cannot 3D print one because I don’t have a 3D printer.
Any suggestions/thoughts welcome. I encourage others to try setting up an exhaust solution and post findings.


Great idea! My wife don’t really like the smell, even though I roast lightly.
A photo of your creation would be cool :smiley:


This is my setup so far, it’s an oversimplistic setup, I’m also going to get a piece of plywood and make a hole so it seals the window and the tube can vent out. Otherwise bugs fly in which is very annoying.


Very pragmatic solution, nice!
Given the exhaust air is hot, I assume it will naturally move up and out and not stress the fan in the roaster - although someone with a better knowledge of physics may add to this assumption.


Thanks, it’s something I did minor research into and haven’t noticed a difference or slow down in the speed of the beans rotation or height in the drum. Speaking of hot exhaust, the tube does get very hot (why I put the towel on the window) and have singed my nose a few times.

Ideally, as long as it is strait or gently curved there shouldn’t be a problem, I think.