Roasting anaerobic fermentation bean


Have anyone tried to roast anaerobic fermentation bean? would you please suggest a similar recipe in ikawa app? Thank you


The processing is certainly a main aspect since the beans you are suggesting are Wet Processed, do you have any more information about the bean, such as: the Origin, variety, altitude, density?

You should check out Lucia Solis’s podcast and her take on Anerobic fermentation since it use is more of a marketing term rather than a term that accurately conveys information.

#18 Anaerobic Fermentation


Hi Deven, Thank you your reply. The bean came from Costa Rica, Anaerobic fermentation, species H17 , 1700m SHB.

I think I choose recipe of “honduras la basula filter” or “ethiopia zeleke baraso filter”.

Do you suggest any ikawa’s recipe ?
Thank you!


No worries, I don’t have any suggestions of what profile to use. You can try looking at the Pro Ikawa Library to find a Costa Rica profile, or try some of the Ikawa espresso profiles and adjust those to suite your needs.

I’d start with a profile that is in a similar region or similar characteristics, like that Honduran or Ethiopian profiles like you suggested.


Funny thing, I just found 400g of some Costa Rica 95 and Parainema from CR stashed away, I’ll roast up some and see if anything good turns up.


Hi Deven, Thank you for your reply.
Different recipes I had tried including Ethiopia washed, Honduras, and Kenya, I found that Ethiopia zeleke would be more suitable for such anaerobics bean. I think their size is more similar.


That’s great, the closer or similar beans are in size, density, processing and moisture the closer one profile can be used to another. You still can alter a profile further but at least the profile will be closer to a general sweet spot for that bean’s profile.


I tried Ikawa Ethiopia N.'s recipe was matched roastery on Anaeobic Costa Rica Bean with their similar size. Goods taste notes “rum, melon” were showed up on it.