Roasting anaerobic fermentation bean


Have anyone tried to roast anaerobic fermentation bean? would you please suggest a similar recipe in ikawa app? Thank you


The processing is certainly a main aspect since the beans you are suggesting are Wet Processed, do you have any more information about the bean, such as: the Origin, variety, altitude, density?

You should check out Lucia Solis’s podcast and her take on Anerobic fermentation since it use is more of a marketing term rather than a term that accurately conveys information.

#18 Anaerobic Fermentation


Hi Deven, Thank you your reply. The bean came from Costa Rica, Anaerobic fermentation, species H17 , 1700m SHB.

I think I choose recipe of “honduras la basula filter” or “ethiopia zeleke baraso filter”.

Do you suggest any ikawa’s recipe ?
Thank you!


No worries, I don’t have any suggestions of what profile to use. You can try looking at the Pro Ikawa Library to find a Costa Rica profile, or try some of the Ikawa espresso profiles and adjust those to suite your needs.

I’d start with a profile that is in a similar region or similar characteristics, like that Honduran or Ethiopian profiles like you suggested.


Funny thing, I just found 400g of some Costa Rica 95 and Parainema from CR stashed away, I’ll roast up some and see if anything good turns up.