Roasting by the Fan



Hopefully this doesn’t come off as a dumb question but I’m going by the hope that rarely is an idea original so maybe there is someone who has tried this and can save me time/effort of trying myself.

Question: has anyone tried roasting mostly by the fan?
I want to set a temp of 240C-245C @1min, drop @ 8-10min, and use the fan to alter wall-bean-air contact.

This is approaching roasting from the idea that it may not matter what ROR is used at a certain time the bean will degrade and form flavors I desire, regardless of the heat applied. My thinking is that flavor is ROR and time specific, dependent. But I won’t know until I know what I do not know. But curious to hear if anybody has tried this or will to also try this with me.



Makes sense - starts with higher speed and slows down as the bean becomes lighter. Little range between beans flying off and staying at the brink. Please post an image of your results.


Purpose: To test the affect of the fan speed and profile on the aroma, bean color and roast quality.

Hypothesis: The profile and speed of the fan will have an effect on the profile, its use is a compliment of the overall profile.

Bean: Guatemalan
Processing: Double washed
Variety: Multiple unknown varieties

Round 1:

(I’ll add tasting notes as the rest progresses)

These are listed in order (next round I’ll put a tag in the photo to make it easier to discern). As we can see there really is no visual difference in the roast, or if there is, I do not notice it on the color of the roast.
Point 1: 403F 1:57
Point 2: 490F 8:01

Decending: 100% - 60%
\m/: 80%-60%-80%
Flat: 80%
Increasing: 60%-80%-80%
(Middle fans at halfway mark: 4:00)

Notes: I think for a good taste out of this bean I need to get into second crack, at least. On a side note, (on this and other beans) it is impossible for me to get into a dark roast without a burnt note.