Rwanda Gatare (Nordic approach)


Sooo … the 9:30 sample … That is where I would stop the roast (30s post crack) … and that is also what I found so far the best suiting to my taste. A bit less body than 10:00 (but only a slight difference) and I would say quite a lot more acidity and juiciness overall. Its how I like it. Not really a ballanced taste (I prefere the fruits and acidity above body and the low end a bit) but very enjoyable for me.
So, unless there happens to be some suprise in the shorter roasts (which I doubt :)) I guess yellow tastes will be coming forward in those … ) I would say that this set of samples both surprised me and proven for me that my timing of the drops is right for me. The surprise comes from the lattitude of “good though different” version. I said it before that I think the window is really wide with Ikawa, but did not expect it to be this wide really. (On a rather slow profile but still …3:30 is a long time)

I can confirm that though variations like the 11 and 12 minute long roasts are not something I would normally do, I was still able to enjoy the espresso and had some interesting and complex tastes there. So that was a lesson for me, for sure. Still I do prefere brightness and having just enough of the low spectrum to have a pleasant ballance for me, pushing all the rest to mids and highs, with preferably sharp peaks of specific high notes. So the shorter lighter roasts still satisfies me more.

But I very much recommend to anyone to try this … take a slower profile and go as wide as it allows from your mid point, and see and taste for yourself. Its really experience worth having.:))


I recently ran 3 different profiles on a Rwandan I had and the F6 profile produced the most balanced brews. I stopped at 9:45. 12.76% moisture loss.
I got better acidity on a shorter faster profile and better body on a darker profile but not good balance between the body and acidity.
I’ve got a new Rwandan to exeriment with but not tried the F6 profile on it yet.


Hmm … 9:00 and 8:30 … bluah, not good. Underdeveloped. Lots of yellow tastes that were not pleasant, cardbiard and that stuff. And unpleasant acidity too. So… I know that my sweet spot is where I expected it, i kniw I can safely extend the roast further in development (way further than I thought I could) and I kniw shortening the roast into the crack is not nice, at least with this type of bean.

Another interesting finding from today: I made a blend of all those small remains from 9:30 to 12 … quite a nice esprssso blend actually. Maybe better than plain 9.30 … loads of acidity, boosted bass layer, some chocolate and other complex stuff from the darker versions. I am becoming to think that blending multiple roasts from the same bean would be good for me, though I dont like blending of different beans …
Do you do this kind of blending?


sometimes, when I am trying to go for the best taste, all bets are off.