Sample Roast Profile Comparable to SCA sample roast specifications


Anyone have a good profile they can share for getting a standard roast comparable to an SCA sample roast?


Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t SCA specs just a specific color reached within a specific time interval?
So your chosen bean would be defining the profile required to reach the specified values.
I suppose you could say that any profile in your IKAWA library that roasts between 8 and 12min would be able to reach the agtron color target on some bean.

May I ask why you would be interested in achieving the SCA specs?


Color and time would be the SCA specifications. I like a standard roast to start with. Know the capabilities and go from there. Looking for a standard roast so I can compare without judging the coffees by roast, then tweak them.


Understandable, but as I tried to say, there is no standard profile that will give you a specific color for an arbitrarily chosen bean.
You will always need to tweak a profile to achieve a specific color because different varietal, size, process and origin will roast differently.
For home use, I would personally find this a lot of trouble for little benefit.
The assumption in the SCA approach, is that beans can be compared on equal terms at a specific roast level. This does not correspond with reality - but that is another discussion.
My personal approach is to use one of my profiles that often gives me a result I find drinkable and just forget about time and color. Some beans will come out too dark, some too light, but I typically know how to proceed based on experience.
You can basically just select a profile from your library that often works for you, and set that as your standard.
The profile under point 2 is the one I normally use.


I’ve never had a SCA sample roast. For sampling I usually use this profile:

For more info I wrote some stuff on this forum. You can find it by searching “immediate use profile”. Profiles for immediate use


The coffees that came with the kit come out great for the profiles they provide but I’ve used them on similar coffees and the results are much different that what I was expecting. I roast on a mill city 500 gram roaster and it works well for a general roast for just about any coffee without having to make drastic changes to the profile. Thanks for your feedback!


I’ll give this profile a shot. Thanks!


So did you try the profile? As nhsneilsen said; you will have to roast profiles a multitude of times. This profile was made to be dropped using several separate batches at different roast degrees. Without altering the profile (generally) as long as this profile can take a bean from 1C-2C.