Shutdown during roast


My ikawa just stopped mid-roast, anyone else have this issue ever? Its just a brick at the moment, wont turn on at all. No tripped breaker or anything and tried different outlet.


Forgot to mention it was the third roast in a row, but I have done many more than that in a row and no trouble. Case seemed maybe a touch hotter than usual, but nothing alarming. It was a stock ikawa profile.


Contact tech support. That is not normal. I’ve done double digit numbers of roasts numerous times for years now without fail.


Ok i will call them today, thanks. Hopefully it is under some kind of warranty, only couple months old.


Same happened to me during the last time I roasted, but it happened during the cool down cycle. It turned back on almost instantly but still worrisome. I checked other electrical appliances to make sure it wasn’t a whole house issue and it was just the roaster.