Sitio Bela Vista, Brazil



Sitio Bela Vista is located in the South of Minas Gerais. It is almost twenty years since Jarbas Cleto Lopes moved there to set up the farm. It’s a pulped natural – meaning the skin is removed from the cherry, which is then sun-dried with the fruit-pulp still on the bean, leading to lower acidity, and more chocolatey notes.

We’re sourcing this coffee directly from the Lopes family.

How do you like this coffee? Have you tried it as espresso?


@Alex_IKAWA Funny enough that was my first roast… I immediately tried it as an espresso and the result was beyond impressive…
It was a true pleasure to have my mother try it too (she is a very uncomplicated regular espresso drinker, usually ground commercial coffee) and see her reaction. I bet she never thought something with the same name could offer such a different experience… :slight_smile:


Awesome!! Love to hear that kind of experience


I have to say this was a big surprise for me too … I usually have some expectations made through those few years I drink SO coffee … and because I tend to lean towards extreme africans, brasil is usually too straightforward and somewhat simple. But I really liked this one a lot, both its smell and colour after roast (its, sooooo light caramel) and taste. Of cause mostly used it for espresso, though we also had some V60s from it (its too sweet for me for filter actually … but visitors not looking for complicated taste profiles in coffee loved it as a filter too :))
I sort of felt in love with this colour …hmm … and its not usual to see brazil this light roasted … it has way more complexity for me on this light side (stay away from the dark side Luke … :))

My bit of pain connected with this coffee is that I love its colour so much, I tried to manipulate some profiles on those ethiopias to get somewhat closer … with no real effect (so far when I was near this colour with Ethiopia it was undrinkably underdeveloped … )


Ethiopians will be much higher altitude and denser. Probably need a different approach to achieve the same colour without underdevelopment.
Not sure it will be possible.


Yes … me too … but I had to try anyway :slight_smile:


First taste of this today. Typical of its type. Sweet, viscous mouthfeel with hints of dark choc and walnut. Smooth.
Not a bad coffee, just not my kind of coffee. I like fruit and acidity. I will try to blend it with the Columbian next time.