Sneak preview - IKAWA Home App 2.0…



Woah, you’ve guessed it @nhsnielsen , :clap:

We’ve been working on improving the app to help you get even more from your IKAWA At Home roasters. We are launching the app: Today ( 05/08/2019 ) at 13:00 GMT. :clock1:

A few of the new features are:

  • improved recipe library
  • Improved add/create recipe feature
  • Improved user account
  • And more……

Read more on the blog.
You’ll be able to download it very soon on Google Play store and Apple Store.

The new app is a big step towards making your IKAWA Home roaster smarter. It’s built on a new platform that makes it easier for us to introduce new features.

Once you download the app let us know how you get on. :speech_balloon:

Happy roasting,





I just updated my home app but I´m unable to log on. I get an error message that “There is no user record corresponding to this identifier. The user man have been deleted”. I use the same e-mail and password that I use to log on to your home-page.


Just updated my home app - the only roast recipes it’s showing is the last one I used and Wenago Ethiopia, where did all the others go that I had in the old app?

I tried to download some recipes from the blog on espresso roasts but when I tap on the link to open in Ikawa Home App - I get an error saying I don’t have the app installed. Are the recipes on the blog not compatible with the new app?




Hi @patrickchamberlain, nice one for updating your app, and thanks for sharing your challenge.
Can you try the following:

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to your user account where it says ‘edit’ (top left corner of the ‘hamburger menu’)
  • At bottom, select ‘Restore Backup’ - see below.
  • You should see a couple of backup options - select the most recent date

Once you’ve done this, your roast recipes should be visible.

Please let me know how you go!



Hi @david.harrysson, thanks for sharing your question here.
I believe you spoke with Brad who’s managing our Customer Service who helped you reset your App password.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on, and what you make of the new roast profiles we’ve added.



I’ve updated my app to 2.0 on two IoS devices and logged on successfully to both. Everything seems to be in order. I expect to roast some washed Guatamala beans tomorrow, and I’ll try using and adapting a few recipes. I’ll be aiming for medium-light espresso. Any suggestions welcome.


Hi, I got a choice of 3 backups, one dated today. All 3 bring back the same 2 recipes, the icons are grey, I guess they are ones I created a while ago. The red ones, the standard Ikawa recipes don’t appear - I can load them one by one from a QR code from a bag of beans. In the old app I think the standard Ikawa recipes were pre-loaded.


Evening @mshextra,
Great - glad to hear it.
If you’ve not already read it, check out this blog :point_down:

It sounds like the first two or three espresso roasts here are best suited for you, they’re on the more third wave end of the spectrum, but we’ve also got some more ‘traditional’ espresso roasts… :grin:



Yes I e-mailed your support as well and I was told that I had to create an account. I thought I should use the same account details as used on your home page/forum. But now I know and it works, thanks :slight_smile:


Morning Patrick,

Thank you for giving it a try, we’re really sorry you’re experiencing this error. Our support team should be able to help, could you please e-mail them about the issue and they’ll get on it asap:




Using the new app for the first time. Apart from having to reverify my account details it seems to have updated without problem. However

  1. Can you order roast recipes other than the default last used? E.g alphabetical?
  2. Why does the roast clock countdown from the end of the roast? Any way of changing this back to the way it was? I.e. count from the start.


Hi Stephen,

Glad to hear all recipes synced and I hope you’ll enjoy trying out the new ones we’ve created. :blush::coffee:

  1. Currently, it is just ordered by date. The search feature makes it easy to look for what you are after.
    We are grateful for ALL customer feedback and will collate all suggestions when making future improvements.
  2. This is a new feature that’s been requested. Currently we are unable to change it back, but it is something we’re more than happy to consider for future updates.

We really appreciate any thoughts on things we can improve and thank you for your feedback.




Are anybody else’s “cancel/save” buttons blocking the fan speed when editing a profile?


So now I have to either start a separate stopwatch or record 1C as X mins/secs from the end. I’m struggling to see the logic. Why was it requested? I’m requesting you change this back or allow the user to set the clock direction as a preference. It’s a complete PITA from my point of view.


After completing a couple roasts, I agree that having a total roast timer is hard to make notes and know where in the roast something’s happen. I call 1C at 3:40 now (?) Especially because it is including cool down time.

I don’t think in general having a total roast timer is bad. Maybe the clock at the bottom can toggle between roast time (cooldown timer separate) and total roast time by touching the clock. Also currently when hitting the cool down button early, the total roast time countdown does not change so when you think you have 1:15 left and you walk to get something you really only have 20s and your beans are sitting in a warm chamber…

On a side note some other things I have noticed:
There is no longer a “are you sure you want to leave without saving changes” while editing a profile and one could easily hit bottom button and loose their changes while editing.

It would be comforting, when deleting a profile if the “are you sure if you want to delete” button listed the profile name you are deleting.
I cannot edit and save the profile I am currently roasting, for when I want to look back at a point I would hit edit and be able to see the numbers and then save an alteration of the profile I am currently roasting.

Things I like:
I like the shaded region that makes it easier to see the changes you are making.
The “x” when editing profiles is away and easy to not hit and doesn’t block any numbers.
The search bar
The date stamp
All the notification boxes and sounds are able to be dismissed.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the feedback. This is something that can be changed.
We will look into adding a toggle switch that allows the user to count up or count down.




Thanks Tamir.

Having run a few roasts and some edits I would agree with @deven.patel411 on the improvements. It’s definitely easier to follow the roast and edit.

I did have an issue getting my tablet synced with my phone but once I was able to get logged in on both devices whilst running a profile it resolved itself.

I have given the new Kenyan filter roast a try. It looks similar to some of my own simple profiles I was experimenting with a while back and worked well with the Kenyan I had at the time.


I think an easier way is to log onto the Ikawa regular website, sign in and sync app. -> pull down menu (top left) -> select “at home” -> arrow down (under banner) -> select login -> scroll down to sync app and follow the directions