Sneak preview - IKAWA Home App 2.0…



Hi all, seems I am back after a major burnout and a long pause :slight_smile:
Great to find a new version of the app, but I totally agree with @deven.patel411 that an option to count the time from the start is needed (at least for me and the way I work its necessary and I had to use other timer since update to mark my time notes)
Other than that I like the updated looks and syncing of profiles, what I would like to get back is a trace of the real temperature, i think it is usefull to see (though not as clean as without - so it might be optional to turn on?)


+1 really please for counting time switching and also marking the FC like on the Pro version will be a nice feature.


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your feedback.
We’re continually improving and looking into creating a seamless user experience.
I’m really sorry to hear you were experiencing issues with syncing and am glad to hear it worked at the end.

Thank you for the feedback on the roast recipe. Let us know how you get on with trying the other new recipes :slight_smile: How are you finding the new + create new recipe feature…?

Happy roasting,



Hi @lupu.sorin,

Thank you for your feedback.
The current version is a step in a direction of gradually implementing new features providing value to the user and creating a seamless user experience.

Happy roasting :slight_smile:




Hi Pavel,

Thank you for your feedback and that you’re enjoying the new app update.
We’re looking into adding the count time feature with the on/off option.

Stay tuned… :slight_smile:




Hi Tamir,
Thank you, looking forward to that :slight_smile: