Storing Green Beans


Hi all, how are you storing your Green Beans? What’s the storage life for Green Beans? I would like to buy in bulk but no point if storage is difficult.

What have I done wrong?

I go through about 12lbs in 4-6months. So far I leave them in their bags the come shipped in. By the time I get to the bottom of the bag I assume it’s more of the variation from roast to roast then my actual climate effecting the beans. But I do notice the beans are less fragrant at the end. I’ve been putting abound a 1/2lb of rice wrapped in a cheese cloth and noticed so positive results but that could be something I’m just imagining. I would like to get one of those pet food starage containers and leave the coffee in there and see if that aroma the green beans have last longer.


I bought 10kilos of Green and the seller said to use them from the sack as they should stay good for two years, I was a bit skeptic but they tasted ok, but saying that I still can’t get my head around the different tastes. Still a learning curve.


My understanding is that it depends on the origin. African coffees can really lose their sparkle after 6 months. Other origins maybe a year. Two years sounds a push.

You could freeze them.


I have a vacuum sealer so will probably have a go with that.