Tanzania Iyela NA



‘Kenya Quick’ freshly roasted by @ikawacoffee, here’s the recipe #IKAWAHOME - https://share.ikawa.support/profile_home/?CAESEGndeaaPjkuTpZdolMlY4jEaC0tlbnlhIFF1aWNrIgUIABD0AyIGCIUHENoNIgYI7g8QhBMiBgjxGRCQFioFCAAQ0AEqBgjxGRC/ATABOgYIoiEQxwE=

Note that the beans are added manually at 90 secs. 1C started at 4:48 with main burst around 5:05 and a few right to the end at 5:30


Wow… thank you … what a speed … thats crazy :smiley:
Have you tried having the beans in as with normal IH with the same profile?


Do you mean having the beans in at the start?
No. Don’t think it would work though.
If I had some cheap beans I might try it at some point.


Yes, exactly … I have to say I do not see much of a reason why preheat snd then dropping beans in should be way different to drop snd then getting the temperature very fast up. Most of the heat should be trasfered via air anyway, so droping with preheated should mean a fast ROR of the real bean temperature in the beginning … so I may be wrong, but I believe that very simillar profile should be achieved without … I will have to do some tests to see what really happens there, because its really crazy fast profile, and very interesting flavours.


Could you cut the bean and make a pucture of it?


I can try but it is from my phone camera. Best I can do…


Thank you, looks interesting actually. I see the inside being darker but its not any worse than what I have seen on my roasts, maybe its even better. But more interestingly it seems to me that the rest of the bean is quite the same, i dont see much of a gradient there. So i might be that the quick rise of heat does not overheat and burn inside any more than the longer more gradual roast, but heats the outside faster so maybe creates a roast that is more even? I will really like to try this, looks a bit counterintuitive to me still, but … why not when its so easy to try and see :))


The lighting is not very good. To my naked eye it is more even coloured than it looks in the photo.

It’s actually a washed Rwandan on the same profile. I did not have any roasted Tanzanian left.

I’d encourage you to have a go. Only 50g wasted if you don’t like it. But somehow I think you just might find it interesting.


I’ll give it a whirl but I agree with @pavel about preheat, essentially I think I have not gotten a noticeable difference with a preheat. But if I can prejudge I think I would stop earlier. I don’t know if is actually the speed to 1c that causes the darkness around the cracked part. But matching color to the level of roast I think Is a real contender in getting an even roast.


Lucky me :)) The roaster have been so nice to give me a little more of this Tanzania so I can try your approach on it. Will report back once I have some samples tasted.