Taste, or rather lack of


Hi, how can I develop my taste buds to find the things other coffee drinkers find. I know what I like but I couldn’t tell you what it tastes of.


If you want to taste the flavors within coffee, then it is important to be able to brew coffee very well or taste coffee that was brewed well. If you know how to brew coffee on the level of a barista then buy coffee from famous coffee roasters available to you. If you are still working on your game then go to coffee shops and get pour overs and drink lots of coffee, the more coffee over time. The more you drink the familiarity will help create a lexicon so you can remember and discern from other coffees. This helps with remembering regions/terrior/orgin flavors

If you are trying to learn to taste in general which also helps with alcohols, chocolates, perfumes, etc. You can buy kits that are the essence of flavors. But I prefer to be conscious of smells through the day and steeping “teas” made of individual flavors: herbs, flowers, anything and everything but make a tea with only one flavor at a time. Even a sourdough bread steeped in hot water for a couple minutes can help open and create a impressionable experience that you can remember.


Yep, as Deven wrote, drinking lots of great coffee is a basis to build upon. But its not only drinking them, you really need to work on trying to name the tastes when you drink it - there are some connections that are only made when you really say it so try to talk about it with others, trying to describe what you taste. What I really recommend is getting to know your local baristas well, and both listening to how they describe the tastes and talking about what you taste … they are usually quite experienced so it might give you a boost there.

I am also trying to start regular open cuppings here, if you have some crew of interested people both experienced and not this could be very good way too … its great when you cup the same coffees and then talk about it, there is a lot to take from such regular practice I think.


Hi thanks for the tips, unfortunately I don’t have a regular Barista as I travel for work so finding good places to get good coffe isn’t always easy. Also living in France doesn’t help as I find most of the Coffee here is awful. I will get there eventually.


No worries, I love making coffee flavored cream when I’m traveling.


Hi Deven, how do you make those.


Hey sorry that was a bit of a joke because when I don’t like the taste of the coffee I use a large amount of cream and sugar.


I think most of the coffee everywhere is awfull, but I guess there should be at least some good specialty coffee bars. Its the same here, maybe one of 20 or even 50. One has to really try to find them, but those that do it well are great to spend time with.