Three lighter roast profiles for everyone to try (since we are all on lockdown for covid-19)


I have been experimenting with different roasting profiles, specifically lighter roasts. I have developed three profiles that I want to share with everyone, especially since we are probably spending a lot of time at home over the next few months. I live in NYC, which is at sea level for anyone who needs to adjust based on climate differences.

These are all designed for 50g, but I recommend adjusting the grams up or down depending on if you are hitting the desired development time or not. Please let me know if you end up using these!

30 second development time - I use this to get coffee as bright as I can

40 second development time - this develops a little more body and cuts down on acidity

50 second development time - this develops more complexity and cuts down more on acidity


Good use of your time… but what coffee beans are you using?


That is a fantastic question.

Coffee #1 - Ethiopia Organic Sidama Shantawene Village

I have most enjoyed this with the 40 second development time profile. The 30 second profile is a little too acidic for this bean.

Coffee #2 - Ethiopia Organic Dry Process Sidama Keramo

I liked this one on the 50 second profile. The others were a little one-dimensional.

Coffee #3 - Panama Esmeralda Gesha

The best profile for this is the 30 second, but with 40 grams instead of 50 grams.

Coffee #4 - Los Vascos, Colombia

I liked this on both the 30 second and 40 second profiles. The 30 second was a milk chocolate flavor with a tiny acidity, and the 40 second was a dark chocolate, but not bitter profile that was a fuller mouth feel.

Coffee #5 - Zeleke Beraso, Hafursa Waro, Ethiopia

This one was very interesting, and all three profiles were good. On the 30 second profile, it was so tart it almost taste like lemonade. The 40 second cut down on the tartness and added a little more complexity. The 50 second cut out the tartness and was more complex with a bigger body and mouth feel.

The coffees below should be getting to me tomorrow, so I will post an update once I have roasted more:
Brazil Pulp Natural Fazenda Sertao Yellow Bourbon -
Kenya Othaya Gura AB -
Guatemala Patzun Finca La Florida -
Flores Manu Lalu Cooperative -
El Salvador Ataco Finca Villa Maria Bourbon -


Hay there. How can I see the profile?
Then I try to open it I come to a page where it says that I need the app (I have the app)

  • “Whoops – looks like you don’t have the IKAWA Home app needed to view this roast recipe.”



I don’t have the pro model, so it may not work if you have it.


Thanks - I have the Home model as well.


@rttange You need to follow the profile link on a device (not a computer) with the IKAWA Home app installed (and allow the link to be opened in the IKAWA app).
In this Forum, it is best practice also to upload a screen dump of the profile to allow for viewing on devices without the IKAWA app, but it adds a little extra effort on behalf of the poster. These are the 3 profiles from the original post:


Sounds very interesting and inviting. By the way, does anyone experience a hard time for the roaster to heat up to 235c within the very first minute?


May I ask how you brew your coffee? Are these profiles for making drip coffee?


I use both pour over and syphon methods. I have a V60, Chemex, and syphon.