Trouble dropping the beans


Hi guys, recently trying to drop the roast doesn’t work - the beans just stay unconcerned in the roaster even though it all sounds as normal. Any ideas what could be goign on?


I am assuming that that beans are spinning just not able to get out of the roast chamber to your glass jar. 1st make sure the glass jar with the black rubber part is in place. 2nd could be that the roast did not get enough moisture out of the beans so they are too heavy. Turn the machine off, lift the lid (when you are able to because it’s going to be hot) and dump the beans out. The machine is also hot so my recommendation is to wait till things cool but if you can do it when it’s hot then do it then.


yes, what I gathered, but roasted more than enough, seeing it more often (more beans). maybe just high humidity stuff.


Sorry, what you wrote is confusing me, can you elaborate?

Apologies if this appears rude. I was just wondering if I was able to answer your question or not.

Did you measure the moisture loss from the beans? From what I’ve seen anything under 11% weight loss after the roasting has a hard time exiting the roast chamber.


hi, i didn’t measure moisture loss, but roasting into second crack on multiple beans now having issues coming out of the hopper.

I’m concerned it’s a sign that the fan might need to be replaced soon and isn’t reaching full power.


Sounds so basic, but it happened to me before. Make sure the roaster isn’t sitting on top of anything that can prohibit the fan underneath from choking it out. I had a piece of paper under mine and it wouldn’t let the beans come out into the container.


Bang on! that’s exactly what it was, thank you!