UK greens bulk purchase - gauging interest


I was wondering if anyone UK based might be interested in sharing a bulk purchase of greens from ?

Basically they take large amounts from UK importers like Falcon Speciality and then break them up into 5K bags (no smaller). Prices are reasonable and reflect the market and they have some excellent coffees that we cannot access otherwise.

For instance, they have a 91pt Ethiopian washed Biftu Gudina for £52.34, cupping notes Apricot, lime,hops. Jasmine and magnolia florals. Complex with honey sweetness
You can buy this roasted from Django coffee for £7.50 per 250g.

As most of the coffees are imported by Falcon you will find UK roasters selling them if you want to taste a pro roast for comparison.

Postage is £7.50 + vat for up to 20K of coffee.

I don’t want to be stuck with 5K of the same coffee and would be happy to order it (and others if there is interest) from smallbatch and then post out smaller quantities pro rata to interested parties plus postage via Royal Mail. I reckon postage costs to EU would be prohibitive?

We can share profiles etc…

US based roasters ought to be thankful for Sweet Maria’s. There is nothing like that over here AFAIK.


Hi Stephen, I tried to get onto the site but had no luck. Is the address you gave correct?


Woops, apologies it is