Using the Hot Air Forum (yes, there is an app!)




If this is your first time in the Hot Air Community…

Start Here



Great . did not know that! Thank you! Installing right away …


When you get the app you need to add the site by searching for then log in to allow it to connect to discourse.


What about Android users?


Yes, sorry, I didn’t post the link but it’s in the Google Play Store - Discourse App


There is a discourse app there but it doesn’t look anything to do with Ikawa?


Yes … just add


Thanks. I’ve got it sorted now. Just a bit slow on the uptake!


Hello, I’m an Android user and can’t seem to add the link ( to Discourse. I have the Discourse app installed, but when typing in the address it says “ was not found!”. I copy & pasted the link from this website just to make sure I’m not misspelling it.

Are there any other set up steps I’m missing? Thanks!


Strange. That should work.

You haven’t got any other characters like " or () in there?



Can’t you just add the link of the website to a shortcut on you homescreen in the meantime?