Vietnam green bean


Hi I don’t have much information on it but I’m wondering where to start roasting some
GREEN COFFEE BEANS I just got from rave coffee


If they were anything like my Robusta I tried (dry processed) the beans will definitely need to be sorted through and remove any defective beans. The couple of batches I did needed more heat (not necessarily hotter end temp, so you don’t burn the beans). Try and take the into the beginning of second crack. And the beans need to be rested for 30+ days.


I just did two roasts coming in at 16% and 15.7% moisture loss. I didn’t hear 2nd crack on the first profile but it still came out moisture loss pretty close to the second which had a distinct 1st and 2nd crack.

(Edit: Disclaimer: you may have to make adjustments to these profiles based on your environmental temps, altitude, beans, etc)