Vietnam S16 Robusta


Anoyne has experience with this coffee, or roasted robusta? I have few kilos of this, that someone would like to get roasted, it should be some better robustahe has been told, but I have no idea where to start with it.


I read somewhere that you should roast low and slow and push past the rubber until you hit cream and vanilla. Have you ever tried roasting something like this:

I’m sure with 3kilos you can try whatever you want, go wild!


Hey any luck with that robusta? Do you have a profile/somewhere I can start? I ordered


Nope Deven, it was almost the worst coffee I ever had, and I dont think I could ever enjoy pure robusta …:smiley:


I don’t think think anyone’s does (lol) it’s used for adding crema and body to espresso. And if done really well (from what I’ve read) that it can add a creaminess and vanilla (the distributor lists an almond paste and I’ve come to trust their tasting notes). I think I read here maybe it was @rsegers who said that you only add about 2-5% to the mix.


Also the rest time isn’t like 30-45days or something crazy like that.


I might have gotten some chocolate and fruit out of this Robusta. I don’t want to believe it…somehow. But mixed in with olive bread tampenade are hints of chocolate and a batch that is distinctly fruity. Granted I did some incredible sorting out the defects, there were a ton. After chewing one incredibly hard bean after roasting, my lips felt like I put on some chapstick because there was so much oil…just wanted to share some good new with you guys and gals. Fingers crossed


I was also surprised with a slight (though distant) fruitiness. But it was still very unpleasant to drink and also I remember we did not feel very good after drinking it. It might be the high caffeine content, but I think there was also something else in play.


Yea I wouldn’t feel well either, how did you prepare your cup? Going to let it rest for a very long time but I’m going to keep roasting to try and get an easier-to-grind bean. Even at 20% weight loss the beans were very strong. My next attempt is going to be a longer version of the two most successful profiles with much lower fans and adjustment decrease in end temp.