Waiting a week after roasting


Hi all,
I’m seeing suggestions for waiting a week after roasting, what’s the pro’s and con’s to this. While in Jamaica last year I visited a Coffee seller in the Blue Mountains (coffee seller used very loosely) and he was roasting the Beans on an open fire in what looked like a metal basin and after watching he cooled it by tossing it in the air and made some coffee which was lovely.


Hi Michael,

My experience with roasting for espresso preparation (I prefer a well developed full city roast) is that I have to wait some days for the grassy flavors to disappear.

After 2-3 days I can make good espresso but the grind size has to be adjusted often and the flavour will still change over time.

Many people say the taste of espresso is optimal between 7 to 14 days after roasting and I believe they are right. If you are tasting your coffee and want to know how it will taste over time, the recommendation to wait 7 days seems right.

I do not have any experience with roasting for drip / pour over coffee. Perhaps someone else can recommend on this.

Regards, Frans