Water - water - water .... (one Water would be enought .. :D )


Hello everyone. Interested how many people here care about the water they use, and how they approach it.
I am very lucky to have a very nice water from a 80m deep well, not ideal but very nice tasting and extracts well for non treated one. I usually take a 10l of this if I go somewhere where I do not know what water quality I will meet there.

Have been thinking about reverse osmosis but its expensive for just home use, and … as you may know that I love Kicstarter to solve my needs, I recently pledged for Mitte … which … might be very interesting to use for water treatment.
They do not have a special “coffee geek cartridge” yet, but I have told them it might be nice … if enough people ask for it … it might happen I think.

What is your thinking about water? :slight_smile:


Wow. Damnit. Of course now I want one. That looks like a great all-around product, and also like one or more cartridges may be very nearly optimized for coffee as is…Ill have to go check my Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and Matt Perger water resources though…I didn’t read all the specs, does it say anything about PPM of mineral dissolution? Do you feel very confident about the research and tech here? Seems pretty reliable to me, but it seems almost too good to be true (3x cleaner than reverse osmosis!? I didn’t think that was possible). This is the exact kind of project I’m inclined to trust - lots of people, a solid foundation, transparency, general geekiness and a streak of idealism… Good post!


Also, on the general topic of water, I do think it is important, but it tends to be the last piece of the puzzle for me - after roast and grind and brew are all optimized I start thinking about water. I’ve tried third wave water, and I thought it was quite good. Definitely an improvement on my pitcher filter water. I’ve also looked into reverse osmosis systems and came to a similar conclusion as you did.


I have to say i have no idea how goot it will be, but I asked some questions and liked how they responded, seems like they do have it well though out, so. … for me there is only one drawback and that is the maximum temperature at 92C … i tried to ask for something closer to 96 as that would help use the water directly for brewing but I understand why its a bit of problem.

But anyway I liked the project, the. People, the design … and had the money for it :slight_smile:


One thing that anyone can try (I have this idea from a man that was producing a very high quality coloid silver) you can look around in a distance that you are comfortable to ride regularly, and test different natural springs … it may happen that there is one that has a near perfect qualities. He needed very special water for his machine to produce the best quality coloidal silver, and it would be complicated to fabricate it, but he found a spring that fit almost perfectly and used that water … sometimes, the solutions just are out there waiting to be used


My tap water is extremely soft and does not make good coffee. I don’t have an espresso machine so don’t have to concern myself with the boundaries that imposes e.g scale etc…
After much experimentation and measures with titration and tds meter my current brew water is a 3 part equal mix of tap water and two bottled waters.
TDS is 120ppm and a general hardness:alkalinity ratio of approx 70:50 with a Mg:Ca ratio of 1:1
I have tried waters nearer 3:1 Gh:Kh with more Mg but I currently prefer the current blend as it usually gives good balance.


I have the worst water, it kills filters easily. and tastes terrible, well not terrible but not good. Its not good for tea or coffee and I have to go through a long roundabout filtration. I should just buy those 5 gallon jugs for water coolers. Are they any good for coffee?



this is a water calculator, if anybody is curious


SCAA water standard


Sounds like Mitte might be exactly for you. I will let you know how well ite works. It should be able to get rid of most of the problems… :slight_smile:


looks cool but in the US there are a lot of these already on the market.


Water! I really like the Third Wave Water solutions - pretty cheap and easy. Made a big difference to the cup quality.


Hmm, I did get a sample of third wave water with my kruve sieves expansion, so … i migh give it a try, did not have really too much of expectations of this, but after your post … interested enough :wink:


Try it out! I’m interested to hear your thoughts. I’m also jealous of your Kruve! Very cool device, I want one for my kitchen.
My biggest reason for getting excited about the Third Wave Water :sweat_drops: is it’s repeatability. City to city, country to country, as long as you can get distilled water you can have a conversation with someone on taste and you know water isn’t a factor. That’s huge, IMHO.


Yea! I like that approach!


Geoff - sure go for it, its such a good tool. And - I think you will be very surprised how different espresso you can make when eliminating all except a narrow fraction of sizes. Its not something anybody would do every day, but well worth trying and using for those special coffees.


Good tips, thanks @pavel!


Can you use deionised water? Easy to get a hold of. Not sure where I can pick up distilled water.


I’m not really familiar with deionised water. Third Wave Water recommends distilled or RO water. If it’s essentially H2O only, it’s suitable. The idea behind the product is that it remineralise with the ideal components and ideal amount of them. Pretty cool.


both are acceptable for what you are talking about, also another name would be “purified” water.


Although deionised water is 0 TDS, it is seemingly corrosive and acidic on exposure to air. So, I think I’ll avoid drinking it.
I use it for zeroing and cleaning my VST refractometer. It is often used in car batteries so easy to get hold of.
Geoff, can I ask where you source your distilled water ?