Water - water - water .... (one Water would be enought .. :D )


For all those who do not know ABSOLUTELY DO NOT drink deionized water without adding minerals to it…that can be LETHAL.


Sounds like good advice.

There is no warning on the label of the bottle I have. Just a couple of pictures showing it for use in car batteries and steam irons.


Up until a few months ago I was living in Canada and it was sold at grocery stores. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it here in the UK.


I agree that the Mitte looks really nice. Too bad it can’t produce water at brewing temperatures though…

At home we use Binchotan coal (active coal) to filter/clean the water before brewing with it. Works reasonably well I have to say. But then, we have quite soft water where I live, not too much mineral content. Might give a less good result with harder water…


Binchotan is great but I use that water for tea, because it is so soft. For coffee I just use my regular filter for consistency for now but I am seriously considering the Third Wave Coffee option.


I spent all this time with my normal tap water, until now. I just got the Third Wave Water and it is blowing my mind. It definitely brought some nuance to my cups, aeropress and V60 has been a revelation.


Aah … so you say its really worth it? I should try my bags that I got with kruve :smiley:


YEA, it made dialing the shots/cups way easier and in the cup, much clearer.


It may have been mentioned here already but there is a new product from Colonna Dashwood called Peak Water. Looks like the Kickstarter just ended (sorry!) but there may be a pre-order opportunity:


Yes, have seen it on KS and it looks really well though out.