Welcome to the Hot Air Community


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Welcome! You’ve entered the Hot Air Community, a space for all things IKAWA.

Our goal is to create a space where IKAWA At Home users can share roast recipes, give feedback, ask questions to other home roasters, discuss their favourite coffees, get updates, geek out on the science of coffee and more.

We encourage you to have a read of the thread, search for questions you have and then jump in and reply and help fellow Hot Air users. In addition, post profiles and experiments to help others.

If it helps, try using the classic Reddit tags:

Eli5 (explain it like I’m 5) - Use this when looking for a simple explanation rather than a long, complex answer
TiL (Today I Learned) - Fairly self explanatory, but a great way to invite people into your journey
dataisbeautiful - Visual representations of data (graphs, charts, etc)

One more thing - there is an app!

Once again, welcome and enjoy!