What Greens to Choose?


Im about to order some greens in the next upcoming days and wanted to see what everyone else is roasting. Lemme know what you have or what is giving you a hard time and I can try and pick it up or something similar and see if we can hone in on a profile. List where its from, processing and variety, the more info the better. Cheers!


I vote for Colombia Jairo Arcila and Kenya Yarra AB.


From SM I just received Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Aricha - raised bed sun-dried natural process. Heirloom cultivars. Kenya Othaya Coop Peaberry raised bed sun-dried, Washed process, Bourbon cultivars. I have not roasted these yet and will post profile when I do.


@callistollc, I usually use the Marshal Etheo profile for dp Ethiopians and that shape for other dry processed beans of different varieties. It’s easiest to just adjust the last segment, by increasing the RoR if it’s underdeveloped and decreasing the last point if it chars before its fully developed.

I just missed out on that Kenyan Peaberry but will try to get it the next time SM has one listed.

@adrianangcw can you provide more information about those beans?


Like in this profile that works ok for larger DP beans in this case a Pacamara. In order to compensate for the size and different densities I tried to change the fan and heat to compensate for the different qualities inherent in that bean Variety.

‘Marshal etheo 95\75’


Colombia Jairo Arcila
Pink bourbon
Honey process
1400-1450 masl

Kenya yara AB
1600-1650 masl


For the Pink Bourbon, I haven’t had much experience but since it is a high grown, honey I would try something this profile and see what it tastes like.

‘Brazil2 (v. 10 CR fanend72’


Thanks I will try this and post on the results.

Any advice for the Kenya yara Ab? Due to the size of beans being smaller, they tend to be too dark. I’m currently getting best result from IKAWA Ethiopia ayehu farm filter profile. ‘Ayehu Farm, Ethiopia Filter’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe


I don’t have anything for Kenyans yet, I think I’ve only roasted 1lb and I don’t remember it. It’s going to be in my order for sure. I was hoping more people were going to chime in with beans because my orders are around 20lbs to maximize on the shipping cost, I’ll give it a couple more days before I make the order.

When do you say going too dark, what does that mean to you? Color or roast degree, how’s it taste? Is the roasted bean very brittle or very strong?


Here’s my AB recipe. It has given me good results on all AB I have tried. Fruit forward if that is supported by the beans, fresh acidity. Rest minimum 1 week, 2 week is better - even longer is not out of the question.

‘KirigaAB TW6’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe


Color as well as roast degree. It taste baked I would say. I expect it to be fruity forward but it’s not. It is easy to crack the beans with some pressure so I would say it’s on the brittle side.


So I got some more Ethiopian DP in and for me I was not getting the same flavors that I was expecting from the profile. I tasted the cup and it was hollow, somewhat woody but not charred. So I felt that the time range was ok but the profile needed more heat, I adjusted the last segment by moving 30s back and also raised both temps to compensate for the shortened and I lowered the ROR from 18F/min to 15F/min. Then I adjusted the fan because compared to a flat 80% which barely had no 1st crack the Marshal Etheo base profile and a lower and sooner crack on the Marshal Etheo O.2 with a flat 80% (indicating there was not enough heat built up in the bean) so I changed it to a flat 83% fan, and that is much closer with berries and chocolate notes but not amplified enough for me, I think I can still get more out of the bean by shortening the second to last point by another 15-30s and then trying a 12F/min 15F/min and 18F/min RoR of the last segment buy moving the fourth point up or down. Once I’ve seen what does what I will try decreasing the fan to 80% to see if I can lower the 1C temp.

‘Marshal etheo O .2’


Did the fruitiness come back with rest 7-14days? Have you honed in on a profile that you like for Kenyans?


After degassing for about 14 days, I would say it taste better, not quite fruity but not as bland as the first few days


I have been looking for the Pink Bourbon since you posted it but have’t had any luck except recently, but at $10USD/lb, but for me that is too much for experiments.

To your post above, when roasted coffee beans are resting they go through peaks and troughs of flavor so the first 0-24hrs is a small preview, then maybe 1-3day period could be good or nothing, and usually the peak is somewhere in the 7-14day but depending on roast level could peak at 21-45. It all depends. That is why I try and roast profiles so they peak in the 1-3day range.


I just ordered these. I do enjoy peaberries and naturals especially, from the IKAWA. I also find that denser beans were much easier to roast and came out tasting better (less crashing and more stable moisture loss during the roast) so I ordered a bunch (15lbs :yum:). I continue to search on my quest for the Holy Profile for some Pink bourbon from Columbia and Kenyan Peaberry, not only because they sound amazing but also I find it fun to compare profiles, so please post them!