What Makes Flavor?



For your listening pleasure: https://youtu.be/tLqfkSTtEAI

What is/are the important flavor impactors. Please don’t say beans/terroir, I mean past good sorting out for defects and having a relatively fresh/well stored green, yada yada yada. When roasting profiles, I’ve noticed the shape will achieve only a certain moisture loss and even extending the time doesn’t alternate the weight loss too much unless it’s a fairly steep ramp 20ish*F. When I ask myself: “how do I throw a lamp to land on a shelf across the room?” I thought the shape can vary a lot but as long as the pace slowed down nicely towards the end the lamp will land gently. This seems to work if the weight lost is in the general percentage that correlates to flavor/aroma produced.
Has anybody noticed a similarity? Ie shape or temp range that yield more specific weight loss/moisture loss that achieves the same flavor?

Thoughts/comments, illegitimate scientific falsities welcome, just no pillow talk, jk.