What may this be about?


A teaser on instagram:


the new 120g home roaster - me hopes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Compatibility with the PRO app (less exhaust temp profiles) would be nice.
A custom made Hello Kitty wrap-around sticker wouldn’t be so bad either.


I’m going to guess/pray the app update will include real time roast control. Maybe a profile library to navigate/organize with a search bar, and file profiles in folders and make profile-specific notes and roast markers. Possibly putting in numbers/points manually for my fat thumbs.

IDEALLY a godly app update should come with an in-app donut ordering system.


A means of converting profiles for the Pro roaster to the Home one.


Isn’t that what @nhsnielsen said?

Can someone please convince me why that is a good idea? I don’t see the merit. Since most “pros” are roasting for samples and not for best flavor. On top of that they live in different climates/altitudes and unless bought from them or even bought from them, the beans age and profile should will need to be adjusted slightly.

Besides all that, I bought a roaster so I could roast. Though I do get that just because I buy an oven doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to bake someone else’s cookie recipe. But those bakers go through quite a lot of time and effort so almost anyone can follow the recipe and get the results they are aiming for. I just can see some roaster guy or gal making a profile so a hundred or so people could potentially buy their green coffee. That could be a good idea for a farmer…direct trade.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, I just would like to know if there is any underlying idea that I am missing.


Not exactly what I meant. The PRO app offers more controls. I have tried it out and think it could be useful for me. I imagine that if IKAWA could consolidate their development to one APP, more resources could be thrown in one direction and would benefit both the HOME and PRO users.
It is probably just wishful thinking, as a lot of the price difference between the Home and Pro is justified by the software, not the hardware.


Oh I see, well yes that is something I can agree too. I do like the build quality in regards to feel and have had no hardware issues besides not having the ET probe. The app needs a lot more love. Hopefully when ever this next update comes out, it will be worth the wait…I am very curious to know.


The sales material for both the Home and Pro versions feature sharing profiles. Of course, they need to be used appropriately (similar beans and intentions) and require adjustments, but I find ready-made profiles can provide useful starting points.