Which roasters are your benchmarks?


Shocking news, I still buy pre-roasted coffee.

There are roasters who have a flavour profile I enjoy, and others I don’t care for as much. Mostly I now have a a handle on what they are doing.

However, there are the alchemists and magicians. The roasters who I don’t even understand how they have achieved such complexity. The people I aspire to be as good as.

At the top of this list for me are Kudu in Greece. Having tried a good number of coffees from them, they never cease to surprise and delight. Balancing rich flavours, delicious, sweet body, and herbal complexity.

Who are your go to roasters when you want something special?


I think it’s good for me to take breaks from my own coffee, especially when I get frustrated lol. I don’t really have a favorite but I’ve been wanting to try Mother Tongue Coffee, which is Jen Apodaca’s roastery. And also like classic Italian blends since I’ve been craving lately, old school deep rich chocolate, caramel and coffee flavors in coffee.